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What we offer

We provide range of comprehensive Security and Surveillance solutions.

   Close-Circuit TV (CCTV)

Redtag CCTV system does not require any special training, tools but a little effort on your part. Redtag CCTV Video Surveillance systems are easy to install and even easier to operate without any hassle. Just power it up and enjoy all its advanced features and the many cost saving benefits of our problem-free seamless expandable systems.

These are just some of the many Benefits of Redtag CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras and Equipment

  •     Reduce your employee shrinkage
  •     Reduce your losses due to theft
  •     Reduce your insurance expense
  •     Reduce fraudulent insurance claims by employees and customers
  •     Reduce your afterhours security costs
  •     Increase your employees Productivity
  •     Increase customer service
  •     Increase customer and employee safety
  •     Increase your ability to efficiently manage your business
  •     Provide 24x7 access to your system from anywhere in the world
  • In life in general, but particularly in security, a picture is worth a thousand words. A CCTV image of an incident, for example, can be far more useful than a mere verbal description of a suspect by a witness.

  Time Attendance & Access Control

Redtag 'the Time & Attendance and access control professionals' providing tailor made time management & access control solutions to all sectors of business, local authorities and central government.

Whether you are looking for a biometric time and attendance system, computerized time recording solution for workers or you just looking to secure your company doors, gates or barriers with an access control system which allows access with the use of a smart card or proximity ID card

Our experience and knowledge attained through the years has given us a keen insight into the best products available, and which of them offer you a real time and attendance solution, we would be pleased to guide you through the process of making the right choice, to ensure that you get real value for money, and an employee time management system that will deliver for years to come.

Access Control Systems are key to a safe working environment, employers today are expected to provide adequate security measures to protect staff and Company assets. The right choice of system will depend on your building security requirements and also the degree of control needed for the effective management of your workforce. We can provide a swipe card access control solution tailored to the demands of modern security issues in today's world. Your business and your employees need the best protection available. we can offer this in an affordable cost effective Access Control Solution that utilizes the very latest Biometric fingerprint and Smart Card Technology giving you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to ensure your business premises and staff remain safe and secure at all times.

  Guard Tour Systems

Guard Tours are useful at any facility that wants a traceable log/report providing proof of diligence that the safety/security officers are performing their inspections promptly and correctly. This could be implemented at malls, schools, public parks, banks, high ‐ rise multi ‐ tenant buildings, municipal buildings, court houses, detainment facilities, warehouses, or other factory/industry type facilities that perform safety or security checks.

Guard Tours help ensure the consistency and compliance of security/safety officers:

  •     Provide clear performance expectations for the security team and safety officers
  •     Ensure that tours are performed in a consistent and timely manner
  •     Ensure that all tours are performed at the expected times each day
  •     Control which areas must be visited/inspected and in what order
  •     Ensure that designated checkpoints are not being missed or skipped within the facility
  •     Alert the security team to the point of trouble ‐ for missed or late checkpoints and overdue or incomplete tours
  •     Monitor tours as they happen
  •     Pull historical reports on past tours

   Burglar Alarm System

Intruder detection systems are an integral element in home or busines security management. Security performance enhancements and cost savings can be achieved by combining intrusion alarm systems together with video surveillance and access control.

Burglar alarm system is a fencing system that utilizes all kinds of detector to protect space, environment around the house and person. Gas Detector and Smoke Detector are important for home safety; the smoke detector can alert you when the fire occur and reduce your loss.

When the thief break into the door, the magnetic switch emit the signal to control panel; when the thief enter from window, the PIR detect it and send the signal to control panel; if the thief break the glass and enter, the glass break detector send alarm signal to control panel.

When the control panel receives alarm signal, it turns on the siren (the control panel connect siren) to scare the thief (intruder).

   X-Ray & Walk Through

In today’s world of heightened security alert, swift and effective screening and detection of potential threats is becoming ever more critical.

Redtag provide best-in-class security screening systems that unite cutting-edge technology and user-friendliness with the best customer service in the industry.

Redtag create innovative and affordable solutions for screening mail, packages, baggage, cargo, vehicles and people, offering detection capabilities that evolve with your needs and deliver unprecedented value.

You will find a range of cutting edge screening and detection technology available, from desktop mail screeners, postal x-ray cabinets and conveyorized X-ray systems, portable x-ray equipment for search and forensics as well as hand-held detectors, explosives detectors, walk through scanners and blast containers.

When it comes to detecting virtually every kind of threat from explosives and narcotics to weapons and contraband Redtag delivers. Whatever the application, our team of experts will help you find the right equipment for the job, whilst keeping you safe.

   Gate Barrier

Barrier gates are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.

They are made of a motor body and control unit, protected by a case with different finishes, in particular in stainless steel for applications in critical environment conditions, like heavy traffic areas or near the sea.

Do you want to control the entrances to the block of flats or to the private, public, residential car parks?

There are many available solutions, with incorporated control unit, which differ for the length of the bar and the type of finish of the protection cabinet and of the motor body and control unit, in order to control all types of entrances, from narrow ones which require a quick opening of the barrier, to the wider ones.

There are motorizations power, which ensure high performances and safety, making them ideal for the automation of private and public car parks which are subject to frequent vehicle transit during the day.

   Road Blockers

Road Blockers or Rising Kerbs are operated by an hydraulic ram with the power unit positioned locally within an externally rated cabinet. The road blockers mechanism is encased in a galvanized sheet steel enclosure and has access points for onward connection to ducting for hydraulic hoses and control cables.

Road blockers or Rising Kerbs come with a push-button control as standard, however road blockers can be customized to interface with a wide range of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements and any configuration including (but not limited to) inductive loop systems, card readers can be accommodated.

   Tire Killers

Tire Killer Barricades are designed for use in high security high traffic applications.

Tire killer barricades are a simple to install highly secure vehicle control barrier, ideally suited for approach entrances to banks, military installations, airports, docks, cash collection depots, government offices etc.

Tire killers teeth retract below ground level when a signal is received from the push button or integrated access control unit providing safe access for authorized vehicles. When the vehicle has passed, the tire killers teeth return to the active position, ensuring total protection from unauthorized vehicle intrusion

   Number Plate Reader

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates.

There are many applications for License Plate Readers such as traffic and parking management, tollbooth operations and area-access control. One of the fastest growing applications is the deployment of ANPR systems by law enforcement agencies across the country to identify persons or vehicles whose number plates are connected to a crime or infraction.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition has a wide range of applications since the license number is the primary, most widely accepted, human readable, mandatory identifier of motor vehicles.

ANPR provides automated access of the content of the number plate for computer systems managing databases and processing information of vehicle movements. Indicated Below are some of the major applications, without the demand of completeness.

Parking, access control, motorway road tolling, border control, journey time measurement, law enforcement

   Under Vehicle Surveillance System

The most capable UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) available for detecting Contraband, Drugs, Explosives, and other Objects. If your premises are worth securing, it's worth looking into Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems.

Redtag UVSS solutions are designed to scan, monitor, and digitally record crisp, clear digital video images of the entire width of a vehicle's undersides - all with one permanent or portable system.

Careful integration of components makes the UVSS a cost-effective and convenient solution for checking passenger vehicles, vans, buses, semi tractors, trucks and trailers, and more. It’s an ideal solution for governmental, military, corporate, and transportation facilities - wherever complete vehicle monitoring is required.

   Security Consultation

Redtag offers the business community a broad range of security consulting services designed to protect your enterprise from losses, regardless of the size of the business. These losses are estimated to cost businesses millions of dollars each year.

The initial step of the consultation process is a thorough survey of potential risks. No security plan or program can be effective unless it is based upon a clear understanding of the actual risks it is designed to control. Specific areas of the business operation are scrutinized including; perimeter and facility security, cash handling procedures, emergency procedures, and contingency planning. A comprehensive written report is provided identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of your business. This analysis results in the development of specific countermeasures and corrective recommendations to reduce or eliminate the risks.

Redtag provides solutions to individuals, commercial real estate and retail business owners looking to reduce security violations such as vandalism and shoplifting.

Redtag team of trained experts will work together with you to protect your customers, employees and property.

Our personnel can respond to an immediate crisis or prepare a plan to avoid potential problems in your work environment. A survey of existing security can be done, followed by a comprehensive report of recommendations. We then assist you with the installation or coordination of the desired security measures.