Solution & Services

RedTag (Pvt) Ltd is a Pakistan based IP Networking and IT services company. Incepted in April,2015 to provide comprehensive services solution, having base in Pakistan, serving customer in region and beyond. We are fast-growing provider with the focus on quality to deliver right solutions to our valued customers. RedTag delivers wide range of services capabilities to help our customer appreciate the benefits once employed. We have necessary skills to provide comprehensive solution to meet organization IP networking and information security needs.

What we offer

We provide range of comprehensive IT solutions and services.

   Consulting Services

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RedTag (Pvt) Ltd will help you develop efficient network strategy and security roadmaps. We’ll assess the technologies that can reduce complexity in your implementation and provide a simple path to attain desired outcomes.

We can help you:

  •     Improve service delivery.
  •     Uncover existing network and security gaps.
  •     Identify areas where automation can improve your network and security.
  •     Plan your migration or modernization through established best practices and methodologies.

  Implementation Services

In a continually evolving network environment with varying degrees of complexity, it’s challenging to deploy new, cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and products.

Our implementation services will:

  •     Simplify this process for you, freeing up your staff to focus on your business.
  •     Cover the entire plan and build phases needed to implement.
  •     Take care of deployment, migration, or network transformation.
  •     Turnkey services including infrastructure development e.g. power and data cabling, racks, ladders etc...
  •     Provide training and network transition services.
  •     Personalized support to help your implementation run smoothly and efficiently.

  Onsite Technical Services

Supplement your networking and IT staff with our technical experts, who work on site at your organization to help you plan, design, test, implement, and manage Networking products and solutions. They’re prepared with the technical expertise and certifications that qualify them to help you accelerate your time to value.

  •     Each engineer has been trained and certified in implementing and supporting respective solutions.
  •     Our engineers will assist you with all your core switching, routing, and security solutions and provide planning, implementation, and support services.
  •     Delivers ongoing operational and engineering support of deployed solutions
  •     Assists you with implementing your network changes and executing test plans

   Managed Services

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Operating a network all day, every day requires skilled staff that might better serve your company by focusing on more strategic network issues. With our managed services, you can outsource some or all of your day-to-day network monitoring and management tasks to our experts.

You can choose to have us remotely monitor only your network devices or to monitor and fully manage all your network components from our network operations center (NOC).

Our technical experts work together with your IT staff to establish a process for managing changes to your network. Then we’ll provide you with a comprehensive audit trail of all network modifications on an ongoing basis. You’ll also receive vital reports and periodic consultation for other day-to-day operations and future capacity planning.

Our remote managed services provide turnkey monitoring and management of your multivendor network, delivered remotely, along with access to our NOC and trained specialists. Whether you opt for device-only monitoring or full network monitoring and management services, you’ll be able to redirect some of your internal IT resources to focus on more revenue-generating activities.

   Remote Operational Services

We offer services delivered remotely to support your production network. Our remote services are customized and designed for different needs. Some of key features are:

  •     Provides you service manager and direct access to help desk engineers.
  •     Delivers a rich set of ongoing, proactive technical services that target operational excellence for your network.
  •     Designates a senior support engineering team that has knowledge of your network architecture, topology, devices, and the applications that your network uses. This team responds to your highest-priority incidents, speeding the time to resolution and enabling you to achieve greater network availability.
  •     Provides incident and escalation coverage during nonbusiness hours.
  •     Helps providing a single point of contact for all their service-related activities.
  •     Provides with a designated remote consultant with in-depth knowledge of your network environment and business needs.

   Maintenance Services

Our network maintenance deliver mission-critical support for hardware and software products, around the clock, 365 days a year. Helps keep your network running reliably, decrease your operational costs, and protect your network investment.

  •     Provides you with rapid response from our technical service engineers.
  •     Hardware replacement requirements (Only for Pakistan customers)
  •     Network Preventive maintenance
  •     Software updates and upgrades with comprehensive technical support.
  •     Support for third-party products in your network.
  •     Direct access to our technical support engineers who will diagnose an issue or outage.